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AG Harvesters, the next generation of mechanical harvesting is a leading manufacturer of blueberry harvesters, citrus tree steamers and mobile steaming units.
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AGH Model 3000

Our Flagship Model
AG Harvester Model 3000
AGH Model 3000, Our Most Popular Harvester

Our AGH Model 3000 is a top loading harvester that is extremely powerful and reliable. As our most popular model, you can have the ordering choices of rotary or sway and drop deck or non-drop deck. In addition, we have built this model with a low profile conveyor system and a solid body catcher pans that provide a highly effective fruit catching system that is very gentle. Additionally, this harvester is very good in rough field conditions, it is American built to perform and last!


Engine: 97HP CAT Diesel

Drivetrain: Hydrostatic Transmission, Unmatched 4×4 Power using Torque Hubs

Speed: Low Range 0-5 mpg/High Range 0-12 mpg.

Picking Mechanism: Rotary (Steel Rotary Hex Shaft) or Sway (Single or Double)

Lifting Height: 20 inches

Deck Styles: Standard 4 or 5 Pallet, Extended 7 Pallet and Drop Deck also available.

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Model 3000 Front
Model 3000 Features

AG Harvesters has the resources and the ability to design a harvester around your needs.  Our talented group of engineers can model your changes in 3D so you can see the harvester before it is built.  We pride ourselves on the flexibility we can provide the end user.


Check out our video of the Harvester in Georgia in action.

Model 3000 Harvesting in Georgia