AG Harvesters | Blueberry Harvesters & Citrus Tree Steamers | Michigan | AG Harvesters custom engineers, fabricates, machines, and assembles custom blueberry harvesters.
AG Harvesters, the next generation of mechanical harvesting is a leading manufacturer of blueberry harvesters, citrus tree steamers and mobile steaming units.
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Welcome to AG Harvesters.
The Next Generation in Mechanical Harvesting.

Located in beautiful Au Gres, Michigan, we are a division of ATD Engineering & Machine, LLC. ATD has a long history of manufacturing custom designed equipment for a variety of industries. With this expertise and the capabilities we have at our facility, we are able to engineer, fabricate, machine, and assemble on-site with little or no outsourcing.  This give us the ability to control our scheduling and our delivery without relying on outside vendors, which allows us to respond quickly for our customers.  Our goal is to revolutionize the harvesting industry by providing the next generation of mechanical harvesting equipment.


The AGH Model 3000 is the our most popular harvester.  It is based off a tried and true design that has been in the industry for many years.  The Model 3000 is available in many configurations, click on the link for more details.

The AGH Model 2000 Tracks harvester is a rear load harvester that is excellent for wet field conditions.  The standard design is a rear load model set up to pull lug trailers.  The tracks not only give you unbeatable traction, they also smooth out the ride on the harvester over uneven terrain.

The AGH Model 1750 harvester is a great small tracks harvester that can be used for younger fields or on full size bushes.  We also have a design that can be used on HIGH DENSITY blueberry fields.


Our harvesters pick for a cheaper price than hand labor. The machine pays for itself very quickly, and makes you more profitable.


Our harvesters pick at a faster rate than hand labor. This allows you to have more picks per season, getting fresher berries to your customers.

More Precise.

The AGH Harvesters have less ground loss than the competition, we continue to hear this over and over from our customers.


At AG Harvesters, we are proud to produce American made custom Harvesters and Citrus steamers right from our 40,000 foot facility! Not only that, but we have heard the farmers loud and clear that the Model 3000 is the preferred harvester in the industry. But at AGH didn’t stop there, we have stepped it up a notch. We have not only reversed engineered their design….we have made subtle improvements to increase the effectiveness and durability of the harvester!

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