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AG Harvesters, the next generation of mechanical harvesting is a leading manufacturer of blueberry harvesters, citrus tree steamers and mobile steaming units.
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AGH Model 1750

Small Tracks Harvester
AGH Model 1750, A Great Small Tracks Harvester

Our AGH Model 1750 is a great small tracks harvester. This version of the harvester has very stable 88″ long tracks.  It can also be used on high density blueberry fields.  Click on the video link below to see it in action!!


Engine: 74HP John Deere Diesel

Drivetrain: Two Hydrostatic Transmissions, Tracks by Chermack and Speed of 0-5 mph

Picking Mechanism: Sway

Lifting Height: 16 inches

Controls: Cable Control for Throttle, Joystick for Speed, Steering Wheel, Manually Adjusted Hydraulic Valves for Picking Functions and Electronics Kept to a Minimum for Ease of Operation